2023 Dealers' Choice Announced: Diamond Award Recipient of Digital Retailing!

July 31, 2023
January 12, 2023
Axiom Admin

Auto Dealer Today has announced their Dealer’s Choice Awards for the 19th year. The Dealers' Choice Awards are designed to recognize auto dealer’s favorite vendors, suppliers, and finance partners. Voters are asked to complete a survey, enter their partner company’s name, and score them on quality, value, customer service, and whether they would recommend them to a dealer or agent.  

For the first year ever, categories were arranged strategically within six areas: Sales and Marketing, Dealership Operations, Training, F&I, Dealership Technology, and Financing. After voting, the top three in each category were ranked as first place Diamond, second place Platinum, or third place Gold.  

We are honored to announce we received the Diamond Award in Digital Retailing. We strive to make every experience, including digital retailing, better for our customers by having an outstanding business approach.  

Here’s what some company leaders have to say about Axiom receiving a Dealer’s Choice Award:  

Melissa Fortae- Director of Sales Support

“The Digital Retailing Award is especially near and dear to Axiom’s heart. Since Axiom’s inception, one of our goals has been to make the car buying process easier and less painful for consumers. For us, that means making F&I products more accessible and more simplified for our customers. It’s really a win-win for our dealers and the end consumer, and we are excited and grateful to receive such a positive response.”  

Courtney Krus- Vice President of National Sales

“Axiom is excited and proud to receive the 2023 Dealer’s Choice Diamond Award for Digital Retailing. When we first started Axiom, one of our goals was to tether dealer and consumer engagement technology for the lifecycle of the F&I Product. Axiom continues to modernize the F&I approach so our agents and dealer partners have access to industry-leading technology.”

Thank you to everyone who voted for us and thank you to our wonderful team that goes above and beyond to make this award possible!  

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