Autonomous Driving

March 29, 2019
January 21, 2021
Axiom Admin

As the automotive industry becomes more revolutionized every day, there are further advancements taking place when it comes to Autonomous Driving. The Autonomous Vehicle (AV) operates by using cameras, GPS technology, LIDAR scanners, ultrasonic sensors, millimeter-wave radars, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity, and proprietary algorithms which work effortlessly together throughout the entire journey to perform dynamic driving tasks in all situations and conditions. The potential impact on the automotive industry is nothing short of revolutionary.

This technology will lead to unprecedented social, environmental and economic change. It pushes the independence and freedom of travel further than ever before and will be available for anyone to use- youth, seniors, the physical, mental and visually impaired. Furthermore, there is to be an expected reduction in road congestion, along with accidents and deaths. Currently, assisted driving technology is already implemented in various car models, but these features are becoming more standard among all automobiles and not just premium or luxury cars.

This is gradually moving the driving public into the new fully automated realm. Self-driving technology has recently drawn intense media attention and several technology companies are working on developing vehicles that obtain the capabilities to navigate themselves through mixed traffic conditions on all roads and highways. All across the world extensive testing is being done with this technology pushing consumers further into the automotive digital revolution.

Source: World Economic Forum White Paper: Digital Transformation of Industries - Automotive Industry

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