Axiom Donates Thousands of Masks to Automotive Industry Workers

July 13, 2020
January 21, 2021
Kristen Landon

Photo Credit: Dimmitt Automotive Group

As the coronavirus has a stronghold on American businesses across the country, responding to our dealers and agents' needs is our number one priority. Axiom is stepping up to help the automotive community during this difficult time. Auto repair facilities have remained open to ensure the mobility of the public, and most importantly, emergency service personnel. With the automotive industry slowly emerging after lockdown, there are several considerations for returning to "normal operations." Many in the industry, working their day-to-day jobs, are lacking the supplies to protect themselves while at work adequately, like face masks. Axiom plans to obtain and distribute thousands of face masks to those workers in need. In efforts to protect the health and safety of our Axiom family, Michael J. Reth, CEO, Axiom, realized the crucial need from the community to acquire adequate protection for automotive service providers to continue their job and serve their customers effectively.

"We applaud the medical and emergency community for all their efforts during this trying time. They are the hope we all seek to get to a new normal. As the automotive industry shifts and adapts, it needs protection for the men and women working with people today and into tomorrow. We know that they need our support, and we felt that providing some form of PPE was just a small token of gratitude. We are rooting for everyone to succeed on the other side of this shutdown, especially the auto dealers that serve our communities and, more importantly, their own families." - Michael J. Reth, CEO, Axiom Products

As we're all doing our part and staying home to slow the spread of COVID-19, we want to remind everyone that Axiom is here and operating under normal business operations. To learn about precautions and how to protect yourself from the coronavirus, please visit

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