EV Webinar Recap: The Future is EV

April 22, 2021
January 21, 2021
Kristen Landon

As we surge midway into 2021, it’s no secret the automotive industry is experiencing a radical transformation. The growth in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) is climbing, and by2025, EVs and HEVs will account for an estimated 30% of all vehicle sales (JPMorgan). As automakers begin to prepare for the phase out of cars powered solely by internal combustion engines, Axiom is staying at the forefront of the movement by launching an Electric VSC to meet the needs of OEMS and their consumers.

To kick off the launch of the Revolution EVSC, Axiom hosted a webinar on Earth Day, April 22nd, to get the inside scoop from industry-leading experts. The webinar was hosted by Courtney Krus, Axiom's VP of National Sales – Dealer Channel. Krus was joined by guest speakers Jeff Daniels, President of Audi Kirkwood, Amanda Hsieh, COO of Global Affairs Associates, and EV Product Expert Dré Nitze-Nelson.

The conversational webinar illustrated the upcoming shift from traditional vehicles to EV. As consumer demand continues to rise for electric vehicles, more OEMs are rolling out new initiatives and strategies. If you haven’t already joined the EV revolution, now is the time to join the charge. Watch the full webinar here to gain key information on trending EV industry insights.  

Increased consumer demand for EV was Axiom’s inspiration to build the Electric VSC, which allows dealers to offer products designed to protect electric battery-powered vehicles. In addition, Axiom partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant one tree for every EVSC sold. Join Axiom in the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable planet. Take the next step towards the EV Revolution and learn more about our EVSC here.

About the Speakers

Jeff Daniels

An industry leader with experience in both retail and OEM corporate environments. A champion for innovation through collaboration. Architect of first-class customer care and service while delivering bottom line growth and exponential increases in enterprise value.Simultaneously aligns personnel talent, relentless kaizen of established processes and thoughtfully executed marketing.

Amanda Hsieh

Amanda Hsieh helps business leaders and industries improve long-term value by guiding the integration of sustainability into their business. She specializes in providing business-aligned sustainability solutions and advice to clients. Amanda is theChief Operations Officer of Global Affairs Associates and responsible for implementing and overseeing all aspects of the firm’s operations. Amanda brings 25 years of broad sustainability and business experience with a solution-oriented approach.

Dré Nitze-Nelson

Dré is a visionary Design Leader and DigitalProduct and Customer Experience Architect with a strong background in automotive and future mobility with a unique blend of creative talent, technical knowledge and innovative spirit. He has over twenty years of industry experience shaping product visions, leading digitalization and transformation, shipping engaging and emotional product experiences at a global level.

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