From Garage to World Stage—An Interview with Michael J. Reth

October 12, 2021
January 21, 2021
Axiom Admin

We are excited to announce the latest issue of the St. Louis Business Journal includes an exclusive interview with Axiom’s CEO and Founder Michael J.Reth.  

The article describes Axiom from its inception to the present day as “moving from a St. Charles garage to a world stage.” In nine short years, Axiom has transformed from a garage startup to a global company with offices in London, England; Kyiv, Ukraine; Minsk, Belarus; Warsaw, Poland; and our expansion in Australia is currently underway.  

At the start of the interview, Michael talks about always having a passion for wanting to work, even at the young age of seven, which translated over to adulthood, and ultimately paved the way for his spirit of entrepreneurship.  

Michael goes on to discuss his desire for creating a dealer-facing, automotive industry with a modern, technologically-focused solution. His vision for what he calls “a delivery method being rooted in a modern, technological approach” proved to be successful and very well received by the industry. After landing their first client, the Axiom grew from serving five automotive dealerships in the United States to almost 2,000 today.

To learn more about Michael Reth and the history of Axiom, you can view the full interview here:

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