How COVID-19 Pushed Digital Transformation

August 12, 2020
January 21, 2021
Kristen Landon

The automotive industry has received a wakeup call since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. To keep their business running, many dealers and dealerships who weren’t adapting to the digital transformation had to embrace it with open arms suddenly. The digital transformation came quicker than expected in the past two months, and it’s not going anywhere.

Sales Moving Forward

Full transparency is required in transitioning to online sales. Online marketing is now crucial to keep in contact with your customers. Consumers must be encouraged to shop online and have their vehicle shipped directly to them. Additionally, customers can purchase F&I protection right from their home, allowing F&I departments to gain back revenue.

Servicing Vehicles

Across many industries, there is a push to develop contactless business operations. In the automotive industry, these practices will be utilized when customers bring their vehicles to the dealership for servicing. Spiffy delivers the detail, repair, and tire shop to your driveway. Even though this may be seen as a temporary solution, it has potential to stick around after the pandemic is resolved.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Along with vehicle sales and F&I products being sold outside their typical settings, omni-channel marketing could be the key to successfully transitioning to digital retail. Though consumer buying habits have shifted since the start of the pandemic, digital retail will remain a large part of how people purchase goods. Although many dealerships were hesitant to take the plunge into the digital transformation, it is critical to understand and adapt to.

Tips in Making the Digital Transition

  • Establish open lines of communication with the customer.
  • Be transparent with consumers. No surprises.
  • Develop contactless business practices and transactions.
  • Expand your marketing efforts into more than one channel to better reach consumers.
  • Choose the platforms to market on that your ideal customer utilizes most.

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