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July 5, 2023
January 12, 2023
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Welcome to our “Inside Axiom” blog series, where we sit down with one of our employees and ask them questions about their position and experience at Axiom. We recently sat down with Jennifer Hicks, a Claims QA & Training Supervisor, to gain insight into her role. Our Claims Department is an essential part of our business and houses knowledgeable and friendly employees that are responsible for handling customer claims.

Q: What was your first position at Axiom and what did it entail? 

A: I started at Axiom in February 2021 as a Mechanical Claims Analyst. Depending on the level of industry and technical experience each individual team member has determines the level of claims he or she is capable of authorizing. Claims processed in our department can consist of simple maintenance claims such as a single oil change, to complex engine replacement claims. When an inbound call is received, all claim requests are taken before eligibility is reviewed. Determining eligibility can be a process because it depends on many factors beyond contract terms. Conditions applicable could be whether any manufacturer warranty exists, if diagnosis presented is realistic to the failure, if the cause of failure is eligible, if all service intervals were followed, if limits of liability have not been met, and so much more. At times, one claim can be a huge team effort and can depend on not just technical skills, but excellent note taking and critical thinking.


Q: What other positions have you held at Axiom?

A: In March 2022, I became a Mechanical Claims Supervisor, and then in September 2022 I transitioned into the Claims QA & Training Supervisor. My current role was developed from a concrete foundation in claims processing. I am heavily involved in developing and improving our current training protocol by working with new team members and evaluating their performance to determine how we can better assist them in the onboarding process and beyond. We use a system of metrics and individual feedback to gauge our effectiveness and appropriate actions to take, depending on the results. While I am technically a supervisor of the entire department, I also have a small team that assists with coaching during and after training sessions, and I work with my team as needed to ensure they understand our objective and are meeting their own professional goals.

Q: Where did you work before being hired at Axiom? 

A: After many years in customer service, I started my career in the automotive industry in high performance and racing. Go big or go home, right? I worked for a couple of years at a speed shop building racing engines, repairing and maintaining classic vehicles, and fabricating custom jobs. From there, I worked for MoDOT for the next few years on heavy equipment as a diesel field technician. I tried to go into writing service at a busy Chevy dealership and realized that position was a horrible fit for me. Shortly after, I accepted an offer with Axiom, and it has turned out to be a great fit for my acquired skills.

Q: After being promoted and transitioning into a leadership role, how has your position changed?  

A: I have gone from working on one thing at a time to working on a hundred different things at a time. This transition was a great opportunity for me because it allowed for further development in leadership and efficient multi-tasking as I work to train our new employees on claims processes.

Q: What about Axiom makes you look forward to work each day?

A: I enjoy the ongoing opportunity to meet and collaborate with a large group of incredibly talented individuals. I say this as a very introverted person, but honestly, it's our culture that keeps me wanting to come into the office instead of working from home.

Q: How has the industry changed within the past 5 years and how have these changes affected your position? 

A: COVID has completely disrupted the entire automotive industry, not just the F&I division. I could write a book about the nationwide effects of the baby boomers leaving the workforce and how it’s affected my generation. I believe there’s a lack of emphasis on skilled trade, which has created a shortage of workers in the field. In addition, the importance each generation places on what they value as opposed to previous generations and how that’s affecting the workplace dynamic. We’ve seen massive changes in consumers, such as people buying cars online, and never even setting foot in a dealership, which in turn is revolutionizing how we approach our audience and conduct business. In a nutshell, we currently don’t have enough new cars to go around. Used car prices and interest on loans have skyrocketed and that in turn has affected contract sales. As a supervisor, I’m sometimes asked questions I can’t give answers to, but I always try to support my team regardless of the challenges I encounter.

Q: In your opinion, what makes Axiom stand out from competitors in the industry? 

A: I don’t have any other experience on this side of a working contract company, but team members in my department that have worked for other employers agree that we offer a much better work-life balance with a more relatable culture than our competitors. I have noticed that management tends to be very approachable, all the way up to executive leadership, which is refreshing and inspiring to experience in any company.

Q: What do you love most about your job?

A: I have always had a passion for development. Whether it’s taking a rusted-out mouse-nest of a small block chevy from getting cleaned up, to cranking out 500HP on the dyno, or working with a team member on discovering their unique strengths and then coaching them professionally into meeting goals. It doesn’t really matter what industry it’s in or what that development looks like as long as planned actions are taken and results are achieved. What I love about my job is that I can continue to strive for end results from the many different projects I’m a part of. The collaboration I get from the talented resources within our team not only helps me find immediate success but aids in my own personal and professional development as well, as I try to learn and grow with every experience I have.

Q: How do you continue learning and growing as a professional?

A: A team member recently asked if I have a photographic memory, I do not, but I do try to reflect on every experience at the end of the day and see if there is something worth remembering from it. I believe even bad experiences can be learning opportunities.

Are you interested in a career at Axiom?

Jennifer is a prime example that hard work at Axiom pays off. She quickly worked her way up and has become an influential leader in the Claims Department, a fellow employee shares, “Jennifer has done a great job transitioning from a Claims Supervisor into the QA Training Supervisor. She works hard ensuring that the training and QA processes support the department’s needs.”

We are honored to have such innovative, hardworking employees like Jennifer!

If you’re interested in a position at Axiom, visit our careers page to learn more.  

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