Experience the Monster Seal Difference - Now Available for Powersports

February 2, 2022
January 21, 2021
Axiom Admin

Keep the weekend adventures moving forward! Monster Seal, the #1 Tire Sealant in off-road racing, now offers tire protection warranties for On-Road and Off-Road Powersports. Vehicles treated with the Monster Seal Tire Sealant help  prevent flat tires and seal slow leaks; the tire sealant also aids in maintaining correct tire pressure, which increases the life of the tire, and the fuel economy.

How Does Monster Seal Tire Sealant Work?

Once coverage is elected, the vehicle will be treated with the Monster Seal Tire Sealant. If the vehicle’s tires are damaged by a covered road hazard and the Monster Seal Tire Sealant fails to protect them, the tires and/or wheels will be repaired or replaced free of charge.  


Which powersports is Monster Seal Tire Sealant available for?

Monster Seal Off-Road Powersports Tire Protection Warranty  



-Dual sport and off-road motorcycles

-Golf carts

Monster Seal On-Road Powersports Tire & Wheel Protection Warranty

-On-road motorcycles

-On-road three wheelers

-On-road scooters

-On-road mopeds

-Towed trailers

Don't wait to get the adventure started! Provide customers with the ability to maintain performance and drive with confidence. For more information on Monster Seal Powersports Tire Protection Warranties, contact our sales team at

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