Take Advantage of the Latest Revolution - Now Offering Protection for Powersports

February 14, 2022
January 21, 2021
Axiom Admin

Keep consumers’ daring adventures protected with our new Revolution Powersports Product Suite! We've rolled out coverages for powersports enthusiasts that are looking to stay protected during every weekend excursions and joyride. The Revolution Powersports Product Suite offers a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC), Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), and Theft for a variety of powersports.

Which powersports is coverage available for?

·      ATVs/UTVs
·      Mopeds/scooters
·      Three Wheelers
·      On-road & Off-road Motorcycles
·      Snowmobiles
·      Personal Watercraft
·      Jet Boats
·      Golf Carts

Powersports Vehicle Service Contract (VSC)

A VSC offers peace of mind for unexpected expenses by providing coverage for out-of-pocket repairs due to failure of mechanical and technological components that a covered powersport may incur. Coverage includes Emergency Roadside Assistance and Towing Services.

Powersports Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

If a covered powersport is stolen or damaged and deemed a total loss, the owner is responsible for paying the difference between what they owe and what their insurance company says the powersport is worth. GAP can help cover the financial gap and potentially save your customers thousands of dollars.

Powersports Theft Protection

Hundreds of thousands of powersports are stolen each year. The theft protection system deters theft by placing warning decals on the vehicle to indicate its protected. Traceable DNA stickers are placed strategically upon the vehicle at the dealership, if the stickers are removed, invisible ID numbers will be left behind, traceable by law enforcement. In the event your customer's vehicle is stolen and unrecoverable, or recovered and is a total loss, they can take advantage of the Theft Protection System Limited Warranty benefit.

Extend the capability to customers of maintaining vehicle performance and ensuring powersport safety. For more information on the Powersports Product Suite, contact our sales team at

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