Purchase Automotive Protection Products in Seconds with Axiom’s MOXA Protection Platform

April 15, 2020
January 21, 2021
Axiom Admin

Axiom is offering MOXA Protection, a re-marketing, e-commerce solution designed for customers to purchase auto protection products entirely online. MOXA is an online tool that can easily be utilized within our dealer network to re-target missed opportunities in the F&I office.

In these fast-changing times in an economy fueled by uncertainties, Axiom continues to be adaptable and ready to respond to the needs of our partners & customers.

For dealers who have had to shut their doors to try to encourage consumers and workers to stay home, Axiom is offering the perfect e-commerce opportunity for aftermarket protection product sales. By offering an online purchasing process, your dealership can re-target missed F&I opportunities. This allows you to reach more customers by giving them the ability to purchase auto protection in seconds. Set up is easy and there is no integration needed.

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Post-transaction selling platform does not disrupt current F&I sales process.

MOXA Protection was created to provide a complete online transaction from beginning to end and target customers after the initial point of sale. Customers can continue the shopping and buying process online to encourage social distancing. This platform creates the perfect opportunity for data/equity mining past sales while working from home for dealership professionals.

Even if the showroom is closed, your service department may still be operational. With MOXA Protection, service writers and personnel can easily suggest protection products as an additional point of conversation when offering recommendations to customers.

Dealership Revenue Share for Both Sales and Service Departments.

MOXA Protection gives customers peace of mind, while bringing more revenue to your dealership in the form of sales commission and service work. For every contract sold through the MOXA platform, dealerships will earn commission through a unique referral code. Earn commission on past sales by re-targeting or offering protection products while in the service drive.

MOXA Protection is not only a parallel revenue stream for your dealers – but also a digital tether to each of their customers.

MOXA Protection, combined with COVI (Connected Owner Vehicle Intelligence), provides a transparent and seamless ownership experience throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle. COVI is a consumer-friendly, post-sale app available in the Apple and Android stores. Learn more about COVI here (link to COVI). Each customer will receive a copy of their MOXA Protection contract via email or on the COVI platform. COVI also allows customers to receive important updates regarding vehicle maintenance, recalls, and a place to conveniently store all existing and active contracts.

*Eligibility rules apply

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Axiom is operating on normal business hours remotely. If you would like to learn more about MOXA Protection and how we can provide support to you and your dealership, please contact us or call 844-252-0937.

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