Staying Adaptable in a Constantly Evolving Industry

August 3, 2020
January 21, 2021
Kristen Landon

1918 Coca-Cola and 2020 Covid-19 Collide

An article featured on Auto Dealer Today, “F&I in a Post-COVID-19 World,” written by Lloyd Trushel starts off by paralleling current business restrictions with Coca-Cola. In short, Trushel makes the connection because Coca-Cola, like many businesses today, was shut down by the government, causing them to adapt to newly developed restrictions. As you may have guessed, this 1918 storyline of Coca-Cola’s demise was short-lived. They currently sit atop the soft drink industry in market share, proving their adaptability through a time when they had to change their entire business model.This illustration is an encouraging piece of motivation during these times when businesses may be forced into changing the way organizations conduct business.

Learning to Adapt

Rather than giving in to the hardships 2020 has brought the economy, businesses should learn to change to better suit their circumstances.

“The old school belief, that you can’t sell a car over the phone, is being proven wrong every day. The phrase “adapt or die” is, for many dealerships, more relevant now than ever before. Creating a sale online, or over the phone, is mandatory if you want the business. If you don’t, someone else will.” -Lloyd Trushel

Trushel goes into explaining his own experience with buying a car online start to finish, including paperwork and the delivery of the vehicle. This proves his notion that contactless transactions may be more convenient than the automotive industry had anticipated.

Trushel gives three tips for success:

  1. Remember to use crystal clear communication.
  2. Focus on how our product creates benefits for them.
  3. Try to always tell the truth, unapologetically, but politely.

Axiom is learning to evolve with the automotive industry by promoting contactless transactions, and you should too. We grow by exploring things outside of our comfort zone, which could be something as simple as purchasing vehicle protection digitally. Click here to read the full article.

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