St. Louis Post Dispatch Top Workplaces 2021

July 27, 2021
January 21, 2021
Axiom Admin

For the 10th consecutive year, the St. Louis Post Dispatch has recognized 151 Companies andOrganizations in the Greater St. Louis Area, putting an emphasis on the importance of effective leadership, strong values, and ambitious workers.

We are excited to announce that Axiom has made the 2021 Top Workplaces list at #57 for small employer winners. Being recognized as a Top Workplace is an outstanding achievement. According to Top Workplaces, companies that participate tend to average 20 to 30 percentage points higher on employee engagement than the national average.

Winning a Top Workplace is about highlighting workplaces with extraordinary cultures. Here are some thoughts from a few employees about their experience working at Axiom:

Ken Gravitz – Compliance

“I enjoy working at Axiom because I truly feel valued here. I know that this company cares and respects my needs as an employee, a husband, and a father. As an employee, Axiom has provided me with opportunities that have increased my knowledge base and provided avenues for me to grow within the company and the industry. As a husband and father, Axiom has always provided me with the flexibility that I need to fulfill my responsibilities outside of the office, too. In my life, I have worked in many industries and for many companies, so I know how rare this company is and I am fortunate that I found it.”

Shelley Karam – Marketing

“There are so many wonderful things about working for Axiom. My favorite is probably how creative I can be. I have worked on numerous client videos, was part of producing and editing a speaker series, and made several product logos. I also love the culture/environment. Everyone is happy and always willing to help one another.”

Tracy Cruz – Sales

“I love working for Axiom! The office culture and the people are phenomenal, and there is opportunity to learn something new every day. As a part of the sales support team, I get to work with all departments and to be involved with different processes and projects, which is fun and rewarding. The whole company works as a TEAM and the result is a WIN WIN. In addition, there is a lot of flexibility and room to grow. The people are friendly, the company is innovative, and each day is different, never boring, so I look forward to each day.”

The most successful companies rise above the competition because they put their people at the forefront of what they do. There is never a shortage of employee appreciation at Axiom with multiple perks ranging from remote workdays, Food Truck Wednesdays and a fully stocked kitchen of free drinks and snacks. From the tiniest details to the overall big picture, Axiom doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to taking care of their employees. Overall, what you will find at Axiom is the cultivation of a positive and flexible work environment, with limitless opportunities to thrive and grow.

One of Axiom’s fearless leaders, Susan Johnson, Executive Vice President of Sales & Compliance, emphasizes this notion by saying, “I enjoy working at Axiom because of the AMAZING team members I am fortunate to work with every day! The company is very flexible and recognizes those who work hard. Axiom allows me to mentor and develop others, it also affords me the autonomy to direct and motivate us to be the best and most driven in our industry. We are a nimble company that can move quickly to create innovative high-tech programs.”

A special thanks to all Axiom employees! Without all your hard work, being recognized as a TopWorkplace in St. Louis wouldn’t have been possible.

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