What does the Payment Promise Program mean for the customer and dealer?

July 16, 2020
January 21, 2021
Kristen Landon

Axiom’s New Payment Promise Program™ Can Give Customers Buying Confidence During Uncertain Times

Axiom ( recently launched Payment Promise Program™, a financial assistance program designed to give customers payment relief and protection after the recent purchase of a vehicle. Designed with both the consumer and dealer in mind, this program provides customers buying confidence during uncertain times, and creates loyalty to the dealership. We want to ease the burden of making automotive payments in the event of unexpected and involuntary job loss after the recent purchase of a vehicle at the dealership.To make it easy for you, we compiled an overview of the Payment Promise Program™ and some frequently asked questions.

What is Payment Promise Program™?

In the event that a new vehicle owner loses their job unexpectedly and under involuntary conditions, this program will offer financial assistance for up to 4 months, covering up to $500 towards monthly payments.*This is for a 12-month term after the initial vehicle purchase, and it applies to both loans and lease agreements.

What does this program offer?

For dealers, this program offers your customers peace of mind and buying confidence even during difficult times. This significant financial assistance program shows your customers that you care, and in return, they will trust your dealership to take care of them when they need it most. Many people rely heavily on their vehicles to get them to and from work, such as healthcare workers out on the front lines, or individuals who deliver groceries to those who are most vulnerable. Having a safe and reliable vehicle is extremely important. Axiom doesn't want a car payment to be a burden when there are numerous other uncertainties in the world today.

What are the eligibility requirements for Payment Promise Program?

  1. Qualify for traditional loan/lease financing for your vehicle purchase or lease.
  2. Show proof of employment for at least 30 hours a week for the past 6 months when applying.
  3. Be current on your payments and pay at least 2 monthly payments before you request payment protection.
  4. Qualify for unemployment benefits.

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What does this mean to the consumer?

For those who were planning to buy a new or used vehicle before the pandemic hit, now is the time you may want to reconsider. The Payment Promise Program will offer financial assistance for up to 4 months, offering buyers coverage up to $500 towards their monthly payments.*The Payment Promise Program™ is only available to eligible customers. Always review and refer to your agreement for complete coverage details.

What does this mean to the dealer?

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, automotive OEMs are providing plenty of incentives to help ease financial hardship for their new and current customers. Now is the time to rebuild consumer confidence; the Payment Promise Program can help people whose lives have been affected by an unexpected and involuntary job loss. This pandemic has shown us that things can change extremely quickly, and job loss may be out of our control. Our program allows you to support your customers and provide them financial assistance when they need it most.

Still have questions or want more information about Axiom’s Payment Promise Program™? Contact us or call 844.252.0937.

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