Axiom Launches Payment Promise Program to Build Automotive Consumer Confidence

April 7, 2020
January 12, 2023
Axiom Admin

Offer customers peace of mind with automotive payment relief during unprecedented times.

Axiom ( is announcing the addition of the Payment Promise ProgramTM, a financial assistance program that will give customers payment relief and protection after the recent purchase of an automobile. The Payment Promise Program is designed with the customer and dealer in mind, giving customers renewed confidence as they navigate the car-buying journey after the COVID-19 economic impact. At Axiom, we understand that economic and financial hardship can happen to anyone, at any time. With financial uncertainty being a concern for all individuals who might be considering a vehicle purchase, we want to help ease the burden. By offering an automotive payment relief program, your customers will have peace of mind in the event of unexpected and involuntary job loss after a recent purchase of a vehicle at your dealership.

Here is how it works:

  • Preload the program on all qualified new or preowned retail vehicles sold at your dealership.
  • Provides payment relief up to $500 per month for payment assistance in the event of involuntary job loss.
  • The term is over a 12-month term period from the point of sale.
  • Applies to both loans and lease agreements.
  • The lienholder will be reimbursed directly for loan payments in the event a claim is processed.

Axiom understands dealer sales continuity is important in every single stage of the economic recovery, and we are prepared to assist through challenging times. This market is unpredictable, and The Payment Promise Program gives dealers the opportunity to go above and beyond to differentiate from the aggressive OEM incentives and attract and retain valuable customers.

Axiom continues to be adaptable and ready to respond to the needs of our partners and customers during these fast-changing times in an economy fueled by uncertainties due to the coronavirus. The Payment Promise Program is our way to better serve our dealer partners and the automotive industry at large.

To find out more information about The Payment Promise Program, please contact us.

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