Axiom® Named as a Top Workplace for the 3rd Consecutive Year!

June 26, 2023
January 12, 2023
Axiom Admin

It is a privilege to announce that, for the 3rd consecutive year, Axiom has been recognized as a Top Workplace by the St. Louis Post Dispatch. We were recognized as the #95 top workplace in the small company category.

It is a great honor to receive recognition for Axiom's engaging and rewarding work culture, which wouldn't be possible without our dedicated staff that goes above and beyond every day.  

We asked our President and CEO, Michael J. Reth, why Axiom chose "People, Passion, Purpose" as the pillars of its culture? He responded with the following:

“People, passion, purpose” is our mantra because it communicates that we are a service-minded organization. What we do is provide a service which supports our protection products. Those are just paper promises until our team assists those customers when they need it most. We lead with 'People' because anything can be accomplished when you have great people working towards a common goal. 'Passion' is included because we look for folks with intangible excitement– We ask, "What elevates their energy?" Whether that passion is work related or a hobby, we want to see that spark. And finally, the 'Purpose' piece is accepting the role you find yourself in. Many of our team members have changed their purpose since starting at Axiom because they desire to grow and do new things. If an employee is chosen as our 'People' and has 'Passion' for whatever they do, the 'Purpose' is discovered naturally. First, we invest in an employee, then form complementary relationships, which help us find the perfect role that fulfills them while working here”.

Mike Reth- President and CEO

Why has Axiom earned the honor of being named as a Top Workplaces in St. Louis for 3 consecutive years? How does Axiom work to maintain that standard day-in and day-out?  

Axiom’s Executive Vice President, Susan Johnson, attributes our 3-time Top Workplace honors by sharing:

“I think Axiom earned the honor of being named as a Top Workplaces in St. Louis for three consecutive years due to the work/life balance our amazing employees get to experience. This balance allows everyone to WIN! Axiom thrives because its employees work hard while having fun day-in and day-out. We are one big Axiom family. A happy employee leads to great working relationships with our partners who receive excellent customer service.”

Susan Johnson- Executive Vice President

Thank you to all Axiom employees for making this award possible and for building a culture to be proud of!  

People. Passion. Purpose.


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